Top 9 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks: Compact And Durable Design 2022

In the content of this article, we will share with you the Top 9 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks, Best Undermount Sinks 2021, Top Rated Undermount Kitchen Sinks.

Washing dishes is a time-consuming and boring job for anyone, imagine after a tiring day of work you have to face a pile of greasy dishes, isn’t it? So, a dishwasher will be a lifesaver for you.

However, not every family can afford to own a dishwasher, so a stainless steel sink will help you complete the task better.

Best undermount kitchen sinks

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Top 9 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks 2021

ProductsLabelMain featuresProsCons
Kraus KHU100-26 Standard Pro 16Best for unique noise cancellation technologyDimensions: 26” x 18” x 10”
T304 stainless steel
● Hard and durable stainless steel material
● Impressive noise canceling
● Has a slight slope to increase drainage
● Prevents steam accumulation
● Maybe scratched by hitting hard objects
Kraus KHU100-32 Standard PRO 16Best for large families- 32” L x 19” W x 10
- Material: Stainless steel
Big size
Exquisite silver color
Durable material
Good noise canceling
In large quantities
Hykority 30-inch Kitchen SinkBest for the convenient drain bottom- 30" x 18" x 10''
- Colol: Satin
- Material: Stainless Steel
Solid and durable
Standard drain hole
Smart drainage bottom
Easy cleaning
High price
ZUHNE Modena Undermount Best InsulationStyle : R10 Tight Radius Curved Corner.
30 x 18 x 10 Inch
Big size
Good noise and heat insulation
Good impact resistance
Nice design, quick drainage
Must wash after each use
MENSEAJOR UndermountThe Best Overall- 27 x 18 x 9 Inch
- Style: Modern
Scratch resistance
Heavy duty stainless steel
Smart drainage bottom
Some included accessories may rust after a period of use
Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322BK0Best for color variety- Material: Quartz
- Style: Classic
Various colors
Big size
Good noise canceling
High temperature resistance
High price
Kraus KBU32 PremierBest for unique 2-compartment designMaterial: Stainless Steel
Style: Modern

Unique design with 2 compartments
Good soundproofing
2 compartments are a bit small for some people
Kraus Standard PRO 33-InchBest for sustainable materials
Material: 16-Gauge T304.
Color: Natural Brushed
Good soundproof technology technology
Easy to clean
Sustainable and sure
Quite expensive
Single ZUHNE Stainless SteelBest for sophisticated designColor: Stainless Steel
Size 32.75"
Elegant design
Easy to clean
Quite large capacity
Quite expensive

1. Kraus KHU100-26 Standart Pro 16: Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for noise cancellation technology.

Technical parameters

This design measures 26 x 18 x 10 inches. It’s not too big to get in the way of your kitchen installation, but it’s also not too small for large greased pans. Overall, this space is enough for you to wash a large batch of dishes after a fun party.

Because it’s made from heavy-duty T304 material, this product also weighs quite a bit at 19.8 pounds.

This weight may be difficult for you to move and assemble initially, but this weight shows that the tub is very sturdy, so you can trust it to last a long time.

The installation cabinet should be 30 inches wide and slightly larger than the tub size for convenient and easy assembly. Besides, this parameter also ensures that the tub after installation is not lost but looks in harmony with the kitchen space.

Smart design

The tub has a slightly sloping bottom to facilitate drainage. The slope is also intelligently optimized so that the glass objects placed in the tub remain stable and do not fall.

Besides, the corners are gently and delicately rounded, providing a larger and more luxurious washing space. Overall, this sink is suitable for most styles and different home styles.

Proprietary soundproofing technology

Kraus Khu100-26 features exclusive Noise Defend soundproofing technology. This technology will absorb the vibration emitted when you work in the tub to reduce noise significantly.

In addition, the thick negative cushions cover more than 80% of the base of the tub, so most of the noise between dishes and the sink is reduced to a minimum.

If you’re looking for a mid-sized, sleek, and low-noise sink, this best undermount sink will satisfy you. However, it will be more convenient if your home already has a 30-inch cabinet to install.

But it doesn’t matter if you love everything about the tub and are ready to retrofit a matching cabinet. Your hard work will surely pay off.

  • Hard and durable stainless steel material
  • Impressive noise canceling
  • It has a slight slope to increase drainage
  • Prevents steam accumulation
  • Maybe scratched by hitting hard objects

2. Kraus KHU100-32 Standart PRO 16: Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for large families

A convenient dishwashing area will make your kitchen work more gentle and pleasant. With that in mind, the Kraus KHU100-32 Standart PRO 16 Gauge Undermount was born to be a useful piece to help you get through the tough cleaning phase.

Technical parameters

Pursuing elegant and rich styling, this tub is beautiful on the outside and spacious on the inside. At 32 x 19 x 10 inches, it can hold large pans or pots or a huge number of dishes after a party.

Because of its large size, the weight is also quite heavy, and it weighs 26 pounds which seems to make it difficult for you to transport and install. However, this job has been done for you by workers, so it does not take much effort in general.

This product has a thickness of 1.5mm which is extremely sturdy to withstand a large capacity and the level of resistance over time is also good. To create the perfect area, you need a 36-inch wide cabinet to install the tub.

Durable and safe for users

The elegant silver stainless steel sink goes well with most styles, making it a perfect addition to your home. Coated with a commercial-grade Satin finish that resists corrosion and rust, which is well suited for acidic and watery environments.

KHU100-32 is smooth and glossy, so it is easy to clean and clean. After washing, you use a quick rinse, the plaque from leftovers is cleaned immediately. To keep the sink clean, you should also clean it like dishes after each meal.

Good anti-noise

More than 80% of sinks have thick gaskets, so the noise while washing dishes will be minimized. You don’t need the chaotic sound of the collision between the dishes and the tub. A unique solution for those who like silence.

With this design, you will have a luxurious large-sized tub with good resistance to time and is especially quiet when working. Therefore, if you have large kitchen space and often organize parties at home, the Kraus KH100-32 is a product that solves your worries well.

  • Big size
  • Exquisite silver color
  • Durable material
  • Good noise canceling
  • In large quantities

3. Hykority 30-inch Kitchen Sink: Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for the convenient drain bottom

Hykority 30-inch Kitchen Sink has a large space for you to clean large pots or pans comfortably.

The beautiful and smart design brings harmony to the house and does not forget to create convenience for users.

Technical parameters

Hykority 30 x 18 x 10 inches is both wide and deep. It holds a large number of dishes and prevents water from splashing out to keep the surrounding area dry and clean.

However, this product is quite heavy at 32.4 pounds. Therefore, you need a sturdy cabinet to store it safely.

Easy cleaning

The sink features a 16-Gauge TRU16 construction that is thick and durable. Along with that, the structure is made of stainless steel with a satin finish to create a smooth, easy-to-clean, and dust-proof finish.

As a result, long-term use will not appear in water spots or mineral deposits left by harsh hard water.

Convenience for users

Thanks to the deep design, the sink prevents water from splashing. In addition, the perineum tends to be low X-shaped leading to drainage holes.

As a result, the water drains quickly and the pot dries faster. So, while you wash, there will be no annoying water retention, helping you to wash faster and cleaner.

  • Solid and durable
  • Standard drain hole
  • Smart drainage bottom
  • Easy cleaning
  • High price

4. ZUHNE Modena Undermount: Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for Insulation

ZUHNE Modena Undermount Kitchen Sink Set will help you clean up a messy and messy kitchen quickly and save more time. This is one of the most trusted and well-reviewed products that you can refer to.

Technical parameters

Like Hykority, Zuhne has a size of 30 x 18 x 10 inches suitable for most kitchen spaces. At this size, it’s spacious enough to handle the after-effects of a gathering of friends.

Or simply, washing your daily food or kitchen tools is also more convenient.

This sink weighs 32 pounds, which seems a bit heavy to move alone. However, this weight is right for its size and makes the pot look more sturdy. You need a 33-inch cabinet to fit this sink.

Withstands strong impacts

Made from high-quality T304 stainless steel withstand great pressure, you can toss heavy cast iron or hot pans without fear of damaging or denting the rim.

The amount of steel in the tub is 40% higher than that of ordinary sinks, so the hardness and durability are difficult for any product to overcome. Therefore, this design is really useful for thrifty, lazy to repair the house and especially not very careful.

Good noise and heat insulation

It is very effective against noise and vibration. You won’t hear too much wobbling when you hit the wall of the pot. So, you do not need to focus too much on your operation, but feel free to wash for faster progress.

Cutting-edge technology insulates 2.5 times better than other brands. As a result, no steam will condense again during your defrosting. This makes defrosting faster and without the fear of damaging the refrigerator.

  • Big size
  • Good noise and heat insulation
  • Good impact resistance
  • Nice design, quick drainage
  • Must wash after each use

5. MENSEAJOR Undermount: Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for overall

Menseajor is one of the leading brands creating useful products that help optimize kitchen work. Because of that, MENSEAJOR Undermount was born. This is a simple, sophisticated and durable product that can stay with you for a long time.

Technical parameters

This design is aimed at moderate kitchens and caters to small families with a simple lifestyle and eating. Therefore, the size of 27 X 18 X 9 inches is enough to achieve the above goal. It is also quite deep to limit splashing water from affecting surrounding devices.

Thanks to the right size, this product is also not too heavy at only 23.6 pounds. However, it is also not too light for you to like to take it wherever you go. So, it’s better just to install it in a suitable cabinet and use it.

Water-resistant and scratch-resistant

Menseajor made from SUS304 18 stainless steel can withstand heavy force and will not rust or corrode.

The pot is covered with a glossy layer, so it looks quite luxurious. In particular, this glossy layer is like a raincoat to help the tub resist water and scratch.

Therefore, most of the leftovers are washed away quickly, and the impact on the sink does not cause serious consequences. Therefore, you do not need to be careful during use.

Quick cleaning

It only takes about 10 seconds to spray water and your tub is clean. All thanks to the smoothness of the material and the sloped X-bottom design. Besides, the standard 3.5-inch drainage hole has also facilitated the water to drain faster.

This sink will be the optimal product for families with small kitchens. At the same time, it is also a saving option for you in the long run.

It also has a good bearing capacity and scratch resistance, so it is also suitable for clumsy or drops.

  • Scratch resistance
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Smart drainage bottom
  • Handmade
  • Some included accessories may rust after a period of use

6. Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322BK0: Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for color variety

Say goodbye to dull and boring colored sinks because now you have the Elkay Quartz Classic ELGRU13322BK0. A collection of 10 luxurious colors and you can choose one to match the kitchen color for a unique and harmonious combination.

Technical parameters

The product has a 33 x 18.5 x 9.4 inches size, suitable for large spaces or large families, often holding parties. Anyway, it will be a bit big if you don’t have a big need.

Because of its large size, it is also quite heavy. However, it will not be too much of an impact because you just need to leave the pot in one place and it will be used.

You need a cabinet that is at least 36 inches to fit the basin. Therefore, you should buy a suitable cabinet for easy assembly and satisfactory results.

Bringing timeless beauty

This sink has an all-time classic style. This means that this product is still very fashionable no matter what the year and has a few antique touches to bring a unique beauty to your home.

In addition, you will no longer be bored with the color that everyone’s house has. You’ll have more options with appealing tones and more stories.

For example, black is a bold and sleek statement that sounds very powerful and seductive. You can also come up with another unique story for the color you choose.

Good anti-fouling

The material is soft, lint-free, and antibacterial, so it’s easy to clean with a damp cloth and soapy water. In addition, it also prevents food and drinks from sticking, so the sink looks clean. In the long run, there will be no old stains causing unhygienic and aesthetic.

The product is for those who love quartz stone and hate boredom. Not only do you choose to buy a kitchen tool, but you also have the opportunity to bring home a luxurious piece of furniture to upgrade the value of your home.

However, you will only have a little more money for it.

  • Various colors
  • Big size
  • Good noise canceling
  • High-temperature resistance
  • High price

7.Kraus KBU32 Premier: Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for 2-compartment design

A double sink like the Kraus KBU32 Premier is also quite handy. You can divide the types of tools to make the washing process faster.

Or take advantage of one side washing another working side. And there are many other interesting ideas that you can think of when owning this product.

Dimensions and weight

The overall dimensions of the pot are 32 x 19 x 8.5 inches and are divided into 2 equal parts to create 2 separate pots. As a result, this large size has the opportunity to make the most of it for greater work efficiency.

Although divided, one compartment is enough for large pans. So there is no inconvenience that this pot can bring.

Accompanying the bulky look is a weight of 29.7 pounds. Overall, this weight is a bit large, but compared to the size of the pot, this number is quite small, and it is also lighter than the Kraus KHU100-32 pot of the same size.

Easy cleaning

With the design of large corners, the basin will be easier to clean after each cleaning. The bottom is inclined, so the water drains faster too.

The final layer of edema on the pot is smooth and smooth, contributing to the luxurious look of the pot and helping to prevent leftovers from sticking.

It doesn’t make a loud sound.

Krau KBU32 owns a special NoiseDefend technology that simulates sound when using a sink. In addition, the Sink has extra-thick rubber pads and a non-toxic lining to prevent sound from washing dishes at the sink.

So, even if you are strong, it will not create loud noises that affect the space of the house.

  • Unique design with 2 compartments
  • Good soundproofing
  • Smart bottom design
  • 2 compartments are sometimes a bit small for some people

8. Kraus Standard PRO 33-Inch – Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for sustainable materials

Technical parameters

Item Weight: 32 pounds

Product Dimensions: 32 x 18.5 x 9 inches

Size: 32.75″

Colors: Stainless Steel

Style: Sink

Material: Stainless steel


This premium sink is manufactured and finished with 304 stainless steel, which is considered one of the hard and most durable materials on the market.

This is because it has superior resistance to corrosion and corrosion. Not only that, the remaining material – TRU16 real 16 gauge, with a thickness of up to 1.5 mm, always gives you a feeling that always gives you an excellent and durable feeling.

In terms of design, many users felt uncomfortable in the past because the puddles remained after each wash.

However, with this product’s fully water-sloping design, you will get rid of this headache with ease. specifically, you will have a bottom with a large slope to ensure that no water drops below.

Not only that, the corners of the tub are optimized so that the glassware does not fall down the duct.

All corners have a rounded corner design to minimize the time it takes to clean the entire sink. Not only that, this design will make your kitchen more modern and youthful.

  • Good soundproof technology technology
  • Easy to clean
  • Sustainable and sure
  • Quite expensive

9. Single ZUHNE Stainless Steel – Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for sophisticated design

Technical parameters

Item weight: 32 pounds

Product: Dimensions: 32 x 18.5 x 9 inches

Color: Natural brushed stainless steel (Premium)

Material: 16-Gauge T304 18/10 stainless steel

Dimensions: 32 x 18-1 / 2 x 9 inches (For 36 inch cabinets)


The design of this product contains a rather large groove for drainage and you can rotate this groove 360 ​​degrees for easy cleaning.

The thickness of the surface is thick enough for you to drill any hole in it without fear of losing the warranty.

The entire surface of this product is covered with 1 layer of 16-Gauge 18/10 T304. Therefore, it has excellent resistance to physical stress. It will be hard for you to distort the solid structure it creates.

This product will help you eliminate a large amount of noise and its insulation capacity is also 2.5 times greater than that of ordinary paralytics.

One of the features that are also highly appreciated in this product is its curved corners. This design will also make you safer and easier to clean. It also contributes to making your kitchen neater and more elegant.

  • Elegant design
  • Easy to clean
  • A quite large capacity
  • Quite expensive

Buying guide – Criteria for choosing a sink

1. Functions

The sink is an extremely important place in the house; this is where all the water needs in the kitchen are used, such as preparing dishes, preparing plans, or washing hands.

Every day, clean the pot and wash the dishes at the sink. In addition to playing an important role in daily activities, the sink is also considered an elegant decoration for the whole kitchen.

So when customers decide to choose a sink for their family, they can refer to the design, material, architecture, and size to suit their family’s needs.

2. Sink Structure

The current sink is meticulously and beautifully designed with a lot of different designs. Still, the most basic include the following parts: Standby wing (yes or not), sinkhole, drain, extra drilling position (1 or more).

And according to the European trend, the pots often have many structural variations to help customers most conveniently during use such as garbage containers, small containers.

3. Sink Classification Criteria

Because of the diversity in structure, design, and materials that make up the current sink, we synthesize and classify for customers 3 criteria to classify pots for customers to visualize the easiest:

The first is to classify pots according to structural material, classifying the structure of the number of pits and finally classifying according to the depth of the pot.

3.1 According to the material

Stainless steel is the easiest material to produce pots today and the price of each type of stainless steel is completely different. It is most easily seen that manufacturers trust the 304 material to use in their products.

However, the production cost, so the sink from 304, is relatively expensive compared to most users’ income.

Stainless steel 201

This type of stainless steel uses Manganese metal instead of Nickel in the ratio 2:1, so it has a higher hardness than 304 stainless steel; although it is difficult to process, the price is much lower.

Because the Nickel component is reduced, the 201 stainless steel sink often has poor durability, easy to corrode in salt or acid environments.

Stainless steel 304

This is considered one of the ideal materials for household appliances because of its nickel content of up to 10% and 18% chromium to help the product resist wear under the action of detergents, besides 304 stainless steel. (also known as stainless steel) is a material that is more flexible and easier to work with, with high gloss.

Because of the high percentage of nickel and chromium in the product, the cost of stainless steel equipment is often higher than that of other metal products.

Stainless Steel with Glass Surface

To create a novelty for the sink, some brands have a combination of stainless steel and tempered glass to create a new model of the sink. The glass is now only used as the top of the sink, similar to the current induction cooker.

Ceramic Ceramic

If you are a fan of white, if you are a needle and love white porcelain, the ceramic sink will be just for you. The washbasin keeps the beauty of the pure white color of porcelain, the softness, and flexibility of the washbasin make the basin very luxurious.

However, when producing large frames, porcelain is not stable, so most of them are only applied to the production of the lavabo with normal size from 35 ~ 45cm.

3.2 Sort by number of Sinks

This classification is based on the criterion of the number of potholes in each product, usually divided into three types: 1 hole, 2 holes, 3 holes, accompanied by a right-wing waiting table or a left-wing waiting table. Sink sizes range from 400mm – 1200mm.

Single basin – 1 hole sink:

Often used in homes with limited kitchen space or for purposes that only need a single hole, such as decorating in indoor islands – the size of a single pot is also available from a single size 450 ~600mm to large to 860mm.

The shape of the single pot is stylized in various ways, such as round, rectangular, square, to help homeowners decorate the most comfortable way for their kitchen.

This type of single pot also often has a single design or has a small waiting wing. Some modern European designs have seepage inside the pot.

Double sink – 2 pit sink:

The design is the most modified from manufacturers globally, but in general, these double sinks are rectangular. 2 pots inside can be equally balanced or 1 large hole 1 small hole – many designs also have a side waiting for the wing to help homeowners comfortably manipulate the sink.

Therefore, the size of the double pot is usually very large, ranging from 800mm for 2 holes and extending to 1160mm for 2 holes and 1 wing. With a large design, the 2-hole pot is usually for families with a class kitchen area.

4. Installation location

Where to install the sink for the most convenience and comfort is always a concern of many families.

For many families, it is preferable to be 50cm away from the refrigerator to have room to clean up and convenient to take things from the cabinet and prepare it. If you have a family, choose the middle man in the kitchen to get everything as quickly as possible.

So depending on the layout of the kitchen, is the letter L, U, or letter I that you arrange to be most convenient with the operation position.

5. Some other notes when choosing to buy a dishwasher

The sink is one of the most essential and important appliances in the kitchen, owning a quality, aesthetic, and durable washbasin besides considering the factors of material and size.

Price, product origin, and warranty are important criteria that customers need to find out before deciding to buy a product for the family.

Here are some experiences to know before choosing to buy a washbasin.


The siphon set is an accessory that comes with the sink, usually located at the bottom of the basin, to ensure that the wastewater coming out is clean according to the correct process.

A good set of siphons must ensure that the smell of food, garbage does not rise or the wastewater does not stagnate, does not leak after being used for a while, and cracks and rust in the drainpipe to the leakage of wastewater to the floor.

This part is quite important but does not receive the attention of customers or is ignored in the process of choosing to buy a washbasin.

The siphon set usually includes main parts such as a garbage container (garbage tray) with lid, overflow set, connecting pipe, drain pipe:

  • Garbage unit: This is the part that helps the garbage to fall into the tray during dishwashing; food will be deposited here to avoid the case entering the outlet pipe, causing a blockage.
  • The overflow part: this is the part that helps to prevent water from overflowing; depending on the design of the washbasin, it may or may not have an overflow dispenser.

Warranty and after-sales

Another interesting note is the warranty and customer care after purchase. Usually, dishwasher products have a warranty of 2-5 years. Some brands have a warranty of up to 10 years; you should also pay attention to this issue to find a reasonable purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions about Undermount Kitchen Sinks:

What is the distinction between an undermount and a standard sink?

A standard – or “top mount” – sink is installed from above. It features a lip installed on top of the countertop, and the sink is centered in a cutout.

On the other hand, undermount sinks are mounted below, eliminating the need for an exposed lip. While this installation is more expensive, it results in a sleeker, more modern appearance.

Undermount sinks with a polished edge around the sink opening are frequently used with granite, marble, or quartz countertops.

Additionally, undermount sinks are easier to clean because there is no lip overhanging the counter to collect water and debris.

Is a single-bowl, double-bowl, or combination sink best for me?

A choice like this is entirely dependent on your personal preferences and kitchen requirements.

Double-bowl sinks are advantageous for multitasking, as each side can be used for distinct tasks such as washing and rinsing. Because a single-bowl sink lacks a divider, it can accommodate larger items such as large pots and platters.

Consider how you use your sink the most when determining which design is best for you.

How do I determine the dimensions of an undermount kitchen sink?

If you’re starting from scratch, delegate the measuring and cutting of your sink to your contractor or designer. If you already have a countertop, you’ll want to measure its length and width and select a sink with a matching opening.

Alternatively, you could invert the sink on the counter, trace its outline, and then subtract the diameter of the rim.

Is an undermount sink compatible with laminate countertops?

When it comes to laminate countertops, undermount sinks are not the best option (consider a drop-in sink instead). While installing an undermount sink on a laminate countertop may be possible, this will depend on what is beneath the laminate.

If the material is particleboard (as is the case with most laminate countertops), exposed cuts are not permitted due to the particleboard’s non-waterproof nature.

Undermount sinks are generally recommended when paired with a hard, waterproof countertop material such as stone or composite.


Washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen is a job that takes a lot of time and effort for anyone, so shopping for the Best undermount kitchen sinks today is essential to help reduce workload and fatigue for your family. We hope you find the product you like!

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