Best Sushi Knife for best price

Sushi and sashimi are well-known traditional dishes in Japanese cuisine. And I’m guessing you’re a fan of this particular dish as you’re reading this article.

Apart from the dish’s nutritional value, you can admire the artistry of food presentation, which requires the chef’s sophistication and ingenuity.

Due to the prolonged epidemic situation over the last two years, it has been impossible to enjoy sushi and sashimi in restaurants.

Therefore, if you are a chef, you can still make sushi and sashimi at home for your family or a party with the assistance of a sushi knife.

Sushi and sashimi both use the same technique for slicing fish, but they differ in composition and flavor. Thus, those who love cooking this dish can easily prepare these delectable dishes using the best sushi knife.

A sushi knife will make slicing not only easier but also more attractive dishes.

Sushi knives are indispensable tools for both professional and home chefs, as they feature a long, sharp blade that is ideal for preparing sushi. This is a unique knife that standard kitchen knives cannot replace.

Sushi knives are available in a variety of styles from American and German knife brands. However, because sushi originated in Japan, one could argue that Japanese sushi knives are the market’s masters.

Here are the Top 10 Best Sushi Knife 2021 in terms of features, price, benefits, and origin for your convenience. However, you will choose which type is more appropriate for your budget. Sushi knives from Japan, on the other hand, are typically more expensive.


Top 10 Best Sashimi Knife:

ProductDimensionBlade MaterialStyleRating
Yoshihiro Shiroko KKYA270SH21.3 x 2.4 x 2.4High Carbon White Steel #2Yanagi4.2/5
DALSTRONG Yanagiba 10.5 x 0.2 x 2 High Carbon German Steel, Ice Tempered, Hot ForgedYanagi4.3/5
Imarku AA5515 x 0.8 x 1.3High Carbon Stainless SteeYanagiba4.0/5
Mercer Culinary
3 x 2 x 19
High Carbon Steel Yanagi4.6/5
Simple Song Chefs Knife
14.25 x 2.68 x 1.26High Carbon Steel Gyuto4.5/5
Lucky Cook
16.54 x 3.54 x 1.5 Stainless Steel Yanagi4.7/5
PAUDIN Razor Sharp
12.99 x 1.38 x 0.08 Stainless Steel Yanagi 4.7/5
JapanBargain 1551
15.5 x 3 x 1 High Carbon Stainless Steel Yanagiba 4.3/5
Kai Wasabi Black
13.25 x 0.62 x 1.12Stainless Steel Yanagiba 4.5/5
KYOKU Samurai Series 18 x 3.5 x 1.5
High Carbon Japanese Yanagiba4.4/5

1. Yoshihiro Shiroko – Best Sushi Knife for Effective Long time.

Brief Information:

  • White Steel #2, with a Rockwell hardness of 62-63 on the Rockwell scale, is forged with iron to create beautiful mist patterns known as Kasumi.
  • The Yanagi has a completely flat grind (Shinogi) on the front side, n the back, there is a concave grind (Urasuki) and a flat rim (Uraoshi).. Each Yoshihiro is handcrafted by master artisans into a one-of-a-kind work of art..
  • Blade Material made by Alloy Steel.

As we all know, Yoshihiro Cutlery is a company that specializes in high-end Japanese kitchen knives, with the unique feature that they are all made by hand by a centuries-old tradition of craftsmanship.

So the first product I’d like to introduce to you is Yoshihiro Shiroko, which is acceptable if you have a sizable budget for this item. Professional chefs prefer it, and it will undoubtedly appeal to home cooks.

This Japanese-style sushi knife has a long blade and a pleasing appearance, which will immediately catch the recipient’s eye.

Material and Design of the Blade

The Yoshihiro Shiroko sushi knife is 10 inches long, perfect for slicing and preparing raw and thin fish for sushi and sashimi. It is also extremely sharp and powerful.

The design is that of a traditional type of sushi knife, specifically designed to quickly and easily prepare sushi rolls. The Blade is made of white steel #2 with a Rockwall hardness of 62-63, which will provide razor-sharp performance.

lso of note, a blend of iron will provide the best edge retention possible.

Japanese artisans handcraft this Knife, which features a completely flat grind on the front side (Shinogi), a concave grind on the back (Urasuki), and an entirely flat rim (Uraoshi) on the back.

This combination will assist you in effortlessly slicing fish while still retaining the original flavor.

Overview of the Handle:

Small-scale production is used to create the Yoshihiro Shiroko knife, which is proudly made in Japan. With a D-shaped handle made of Magnolia wood or Rosewood in the traditional Japanese Wa style, it is an excellent choice for any occasion.

As a result, the handle is designed to be comfortable for users of all sizes of hands. Furthermore, a protective wooden sheath, known as a Saya, is provided to keep the Knife safe and secure during transport and storage.

Yoshihiro recommends that you pay close attention and take care with a sharp edge to get the most out of your time. Sharpening should only be done with water whetstones and not with any other method.

Aside from that, the Knife should be washed by hand and dried immediately after use, particularly when working with acidic ingredients.

Master artisans handcraft Yoshihiro Shiroko Sushi Knives with the utmost care to ensure that users receive the highest quality and experience possible.

Despite the fact that the price is quite high in comparison to others, it is justified by its performance and distinctive design.

  • Hardness Rockwall 62-63 is used to construct this premium white Blade.
  • Handle with a traditional Japanese D-shaped shape that is ergonomic.
  • It is relatively lightweight.
  • For better long-term preservation, an additional protective wooden sheath is used.
  • The cutting edges of this Knife are extremely thin and fragile.
  • Sharpening a knife can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with Uraoshi.
  • It is not suitable for beginners.

2. DALSTRONG Yanagiba Sushi & Slicing Knife – Best Sushi Knife with NSF Certified

Brief Information:

  • 10.5 The Gladiator Series “Yanagiba is a master of Japanese-style sushi forged from German high-carbon steel.
  • 5 “The Blade is ideal for cutting through flesh in a single stroke without pulling or tearing, maximizing flavor and taste, while the 3.5mm Blade gently pushes meat away from the Blade.
  • The Gladiator Series blade is precision-forged from a single piece of imported premium quality, high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel, ensuring an ultra-sharp edge with excellent wear and stain resistance.
  • Hand sharpened to between 16 and 18 degrees, the Dalstrong Gladiator Series Yanagiba knife is a high-performance kitchen workhorse, ensuring ultra-thin slicing with minimal effort, maintenance or clean-up required.
  • Featuring beautiful, ergonomic and ambidextrous G10 Garolite handles with mosaic and engraving.
  • The triple-riveted design with full tang ensures superior strength and durability.
  • The Gladiator Series Yanagiba Knife is carefully designed for maximum comfort and maneuverability.
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certificated
  • Money-back guarantee.

Even though Dalstrong is a relatively new name in the kitchen knife field for us, the company’s roots are firmly rooted in love and respect for traditional handcrafting.

As a result, Dalstrong has created beautiful and innovative knives that are more valuable than traditional brands and are well-liked by most consumers in the marketplace. So let’s go find out more about how special this Knife is?

Material and Design of the Blade

The Gladiator Series 10.5″ Yanagiba combines elements of this traditional Asian style knife with Dalstrong’s signature Gladiator Series features to create the ideal tool for any task, including the preparation of raw poultry slicing, flank steak v.v…

To maximize flavor and taste, the 10.5″ Blade is ideal for cutting through flesh in a single stroke without pulling or tearing, while the 3.5mm Blade gently pushes meat away from the Blade to prevent tearing.

Using a single piece of imported premium quality, high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel, the Gladiator Series blade achieves an ultra-sharp edge with excellent wear and stain resistance while remaining lightweight and durable.

The Dalstrong Gladiator Series Yanagiba knife has been hand sharpened to between 16 and 18 degrees per side, making it a high-performance kitchen workhorse that ensures ultra-thin slicing with the least amount of effort, maintenance, and clean up.

Overview of the Handle:

The Gladiator Series Yanagiba Knife, with its beautiful, ergonomic, and ambidextrous imported black G10 Garolite handle from Spain, has been meticulously designed for maximum comfort.

When held, the Knife is as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye, thanks to a precisely engineered balance and a satisfying presence.

The hand-polished bolster adds counterweight, and the triple rivets in the handle ensure the highest level of strength and robustness possible. Additionally, included is a protective Dalstrong PerfectFit sheath that is water and stain-resistant and free of BPA.

Aside from that, the price of this item is extremely competitive, making it an excellent investment for your kitchen.

  • The Blade is made of ThyssenKrupp German steel.
  • The blade Precision honed by 16-18 angles while being nitrogen-cooled to increase hardness.
  • The hand-polished bolster adds a counterweight.
  • They are designed with a narrow blade and a full tang for the best slicing performance.
  • Beautiful brass bolster and mosaic pins for a comfortable fit and feel.

  • It is heavy for newbie use.

3. Imarku Sushi Knife 10 inch – Best Sushi Knife for Fish Filleting & Slicing

Brief Information:

  • Seasoned artisans handcraft the sharp edge to a mirror polish at the 12-15°single side.
  • These 10-inch sharp sushi knives are Manufactured with High Carbon Stainless Steel 5cr15mov, at HRC 56-58 hardness, the sharpness is 80-100.
  • Ergonomic Hygienic Pakkawood Handle has perfect grip and great balance.
  • Despite the relatively high price in comparison to others
  • This Knife is easy and fast to clean.

Imarku is a professional kitchen knife brand specializing in high-end kitchen knives. The company was established in 2008 with specialized knives such as Professional Chef’s Knife, Steak Knife…

Material and Design of the Blade

Using traditional techniques, seasoned artisans handcraft this Imarku Sushi knife with a razor-sharp edge, polished to a mirror polish at 12-15 degrees on one side.

This Imarku knife can slice sashimi and sushi into thin slices due to its unique single-sided and sharp Blade, which does not crush or tear the structure of the ingredients when cutting them into thin slices.

Because the Blade is made of High Carbon Stainless Steel 5cr15mov, which has a hardness of 56-58 and a sharpness of 80-100, this 10-inch sharp sushi knife offers unrivaled performance and incredible edge retention.

Overview of the Handle:

When cutting with this single-edged sashimi knife, you won’t have to exert too much effort because of the ergonomic handle’s excellent grip and balance.

It’s also very comfortable to hold. Moreover, this handle also offers the best performance, water resistance, and stability available on the market.

This Knife is perfect for your needs because you could slice as much sashimi as you want. After all, this Yanagiba Sushi knife will retain its edge for an extremely long period of time without rusting or losing its sharpness.

In addition, the sashimi knives are quick and straightforward to clean. However, please do not put the knives in the dishwasher if you like to preserve their sharpness and glossiness.

So I think that with affordable price and beautiful design, it may be a perfect gift for housewarming, a birthday or among other occasions.

  • It is ideal for giving as a gift because of the exquisite packaging.
  • High-carbon stainless steel 5cr15mov is used to construct the Blade, which provides unrivaled performance and exceptional edge retention.

  • This Knife is not suitable for left-handed users

4. Mercer Culinary – Best Sushi Knife for the best budget

Brief Information:

  • The Blade is constructed from stain-resistant German steel, which helps resist rust, corrosion, and discoloration.
  • The single-edge Blade is taper ground and finished with a fine stone.
  • It is available with a traditional wood handle.
  • Lifetime warranty

Mercer is a well-known cutlery brand name with more than 30 years of experience, with its primary market in North America.

Thanks to premium materials and a thoughtful design, the Yanagi Sashimi knife from the Mercer Culinary Asian Collection is one of their highest-quality products.

With this Knife, you can easily slice fish for sashimi, which is a popular Japanese dish. Furthermore, it has a very reasonable price, which allows it to be considered the best sushi knife for under 100 dollars.

Material and Design of the Blade

Yanagi Sashimi Knife from the Mercer Culinary Asian Collection measures 10-inches in length, making it an excellent choice for home cooks.

Furthermore, it is trendy among novices as well as seasoned professionals. It will be difficult to replace the function of this Knife with that of a boning knife or a filleting knife.

The knife is constructed entirely of German stainless steel, which ensures that it performs exceptionally well. Besides that, it will be rust-resistant and long-lasting for a long period of time.

Extreme heat and strong detergents should be avoided when washing the Knife by hand to prevent damage to the handle caused by the Knife’s handle.

The Blade has been taper ground and stone finished, making it easier than ever to cut fish for a perfect sushi presentation. On the other hand, this Knife can be used for a variety of performing tasks such as slicing fruits and vegetables or thick meat among others.

Overview of the Handle:

The Mercer is equipped with a beautiful wooden handle carefully designed for use by professional chefs and home cooks.

The design has been certified by NSF International, the world’s leading public health organization, after undergoing extensive testing and inspection.

As a result, this Knife is considered one of the best sushi knives available, and it is suitable for commercial and home use.

This Knife is a perfect size and razor-sharpness for the job at a reasonable price to make sushi. This Knife will prove to be a wise investment because it will be helpful for sushi preparation and various other tasks.

  • The Blade is made of rust- and corrosion-resistant German stainless steel.
  • A stone finish creates an ideal taper-ground blade.
  • Sushi knife that is ideal for beginners
  • For an extended period of time, extremely sharp
  • The handle is made of wood and is non-slip.
  • Dishwasher-safe

5. Simple Song Chefs Knife – Best Sushi Knife with High Corrosion Resistance.

Brief information:

  • 420HC stainless steel blades are heat-treated to provide maximum hardness and edge retention while still being sharp enough to achieve a razor edge.
  • In the hands of premier chefs, traditional Japanese knives typically have a single bevel ground edge for the most precise and sharp edge.
  • Our blades are meticulously sharpened on the right side to a 15° angle, while the opposite side remains flat.
  • A conventional compound edge is double-sharpened, which typically results in a less sharp 30° edge.
  • Handles is made by Rosewood, giving you a balanced feel when manipulating your Knife.
  • Its versatility and length allow for proper use when cutting vegetables or long strokes for clean sashimi slices.
  • Within 30 days of purchase, you could a return.

Simple Song is a traditional Japanese knife that comes at a reasonable price. This Knife is intended not only for professional chefs working in commercial kitchens but also for home cooks who enjoy cooking.

It has a razor-sharp blade, which contributes to its impressive performance. Furthermore, it can be a multifunctional knife, capable of performing various cutting, slicing tasks and especially is slice sashimi or sushi.

The Material and Design of the Blade

This Simple Song Sushi Knife measures 8 inches in length, which is standard for slicing raw fish to perfection. 420HC stainless steel is used for the Blade, which is high-quality and heat-traced for excellent hardness and edge retention.

Using these materials will help to keep corrosion and rust at bay over the long term. The full tang blade design of this sushi knife ensures that it is extremely long-lasting.

To bring mighty sharpness to the slicing task, a 15-degree ground edge bevel is finished on the Blade’s right side, while the remainder of the Blade is left flat.

This design will also improve the precision of the cutting process. As a result, this Knife can be used for a variety of tasks in the kitchen.


The handle is made of rosewood to ensure that it will remain in excellent working condition for the duration of its useful life.

Rosewood is praised for having a strong character while still maintaining a high level of shine.

The combination of the rosewood wooden handle and the entire tang design blade will provide the Knife with exceptional balance while still maintaining its lightness.

A Chef’s Knife, also known as a “Beef-sword,” is a type of knife used to prepare beef. However, it will be suitable for any sushi enthusiast to try at home because of the final sharpness and perfect balance.

This Knife can be used to quickly and evenly slice fruits and vegetables. Although the price is competitive, these Knife features are incredible, with the best sharpness and performance.

  • A single bevel edge on one side allows for precise slicing of meat, fish, and fruits.
  • Stainless steel is rust- and corrosion-resistant material.
  • For the best hardness and sharpness, the material is heat traced.
  • For balance and comfort, a rosewood wooden handle is used.
  • Design of the Blade with a full tang
  • It is necessary to provide proper care and maintenance.

6. Lucky Cook – Best Sushi Knife for best overall.

Brief information:

  • A good sushi knife with a long narrow right-handed asymmetric blade enables you to fillet an entire fish in one or two movements.
  • A high-quality professional sushi cooking knife includes a very sharp blade of high-quality stainless steel, good balance and a non-slip wooden handle.
  • We have the ideal holiday gift for chefs of all levels, from beginners to professionals.
  • The sashimi knife with a wooden handle is an absolute necessity in any home or professional kitchen, and the stylish box in which it is delivered emphasizes the product’s high quality and status.
  • When you order the carbon steel sashimi knife, you will receive the most effective tool for slicing, which will elevate your skills to the next level.
  • Each Lucky Cook slicing knife comes with a serial number that verifies the product’s authenticity.

The Lucky Cook Sushi Knife is unquestionably a worthwhile investment if you want to improve your ability to make sushi and sashimi at home.

Specifically designed for cutting, slicing, and filleting delicate food products such as raw fish while maintaining the original flavor, this Knife is exceptional. It will significantly improve your ability to enjoy Japanese cuisine to its fullest extent.

Material and Design of the Blade

The Lucky Cook Sushi Knife measures 10 inches in length, making it ideal for filleting and slicing fish.

Because it is made of high-quality stainless steel, the Blade is long, narrow, and asymmetric, and it has perfect balance thanks to its asymmetrical shape.

To achieve this, the Blade is mercilessly sharp, allowing you to fillet a whole fish with the least amount of movement.

Overview of the Handle

The design of the wooden handle provides good balance as well as a non-slip characteristic. This Knife is lightweight and easy to maneuver, allowing users to enjoy the greatest comfort level possible.

The Lucky Cook Wooden Handle Sushi Knife is an essential item in any kitchen, whether you are a professional chef or a beginner.

This Knife is also packaged in a lovely box that makes it an ideal gift for your close friends and family members. The design is extremely appealing and will capture the attention of everyone who sees it.

It will be a good decision to try it out because of the reasonable price, in particular.

  • Japan’s AUS-8 steel is used in the construction of the Blade, which has been ice-tempered.
  • Sushi/sashimi making is a great first experience for beginners.
  • Packaging that is both attractive and reasonably priced
  • Lightweight and simple to operate
  • Handle made of beautiful wood
  • A multi-purpose tool that can be used for a variety of tasks.
  • A thoughtful and original gift for any occasion.
  • There is no protective sheath provided.

7. PAUDIN Razor Sharp – Best Sushi Knife with Non-Stick

Brief information:

  • Ultra-sharp Blade of 8″ carving knife is engineered to handle all cuts of meats.
  • Taper-ground edge and perfect balance allow for long-lasting sharpness and high efficiency while chopping and carving.
  • German stainless steel makes blade maintenance simple and sharpening the slicing knife’s razor-sharp edge quick and easy.
  • With a 15-degree bevel on each side, this best knife performs admirably in a household or professional kitchen.
  • PAUDIN’s sushi knife features an integrated blade and a soft, comfortable handle.
  • The beautiful waved pattern on the blade of the meat kitchen knife aids in reducing drag and stuck-on food..

The Paudin Sushi Knife is one of the best knives for beginners who want to learn how to make sushi or sashimi from scratch. As a beginner’s Knife, this is an excellent choice because it is extremely easy to handle.

Furthermore, Paundin Cutlery Manufacturer offers a reasonable price for a product that has an elegant design.

Material and Design of the Blade

The Paudin Sushi Knife measures 8 inches in length and has a very sharp blade for slicing raw fish with ease. It is nonstick and has a nonstick coating.

Because of the high carbon content of the German stainless steel, the Blade has a long life expectancy. Furthermore, the Blade has a 15-degree side bevel, which will aid the Knife in making smooth cuts while cutting ultra-thin slices with extreme precision.

The German steel 5Cr15MoV(1.4116) used to make the Blade ensures that it is completely rust-resistant.

This best sushi knife has a unique black and white wavy pattern on the Blade, which will catch everyone’s attention and make them want to use it.

The Paudin Sushi Knife is an excellent choice for beginning chefs in home kitchens or commercial establishments because it performs flawless slicing for meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables alike.

Overview of the Handle

The ergonomically designed handle is extremely lightweight, making it easy to hold in one hand. Furthermore, the handle endcap will improve the balance and stability of the device, allowing users to have the best possible experience.

As a result, this handle will accommodate any hand size, allowing for more versatile application.

The sheath for protecting the Blade is not included, but a beautiful black packaging box can be given away as a gift for special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays.

  • A German stainless steel with a Rockwall hardness of 56 is used as the primary material.
  • Elegant handle design for excellent balance and grip performance.
  • While slicing or cutting, the nonstick design of the Blade helps to reduce drag and stuck-ness.
  • On the Blade, there is an eye-catching waved pattern.
  • With the gift box, you get a good deal.
  • There is no protective sheath included.

8. JapanBargain 1551 – Best Sushi Knife Under $50

Brief information:

  • Rust-Resistant Molybdenum Steel Blade, Razor Sharp Edge Blade Length: 8 inch, Overall Length: 13 in Wooden handle provides maximum comfort and control
  • Holes in the Blade create an air gap, preventing food from adhering to the Blade.

The JapanBargain 1551 is a truly exceptional knife that ranks among the best sushi knives available.

It is, on the other hand, still lightweight and easy to handle. This sushi knife is also reasonably priced, making it a good choice for newbies to try.

Material and design of the Blade

JapanBargain 1551 Sushi Knife is 8 inches (200mm) in length and made in Japan. Comparatively speaking, it can be considered a short sushi knife when compared to other knives.

However, this Knife is suitable for making sushi, it is somewhat inconvenient when filleting large pieces of fish with it. The Blade is made of Molybdenum stainless steel, which allows the Knife to maintain its sharpness.

Furthermore, the design of the Holes on the Blade creates an Air Gap, which prevents food from sticking to the Blade and makes it easier to clean.

A comprehensive overview

Sushi Knife 1551 from JapanBargain is equipped with a wooden handle, which allows for the greatest comfort and balance while in use. Furthermore, it is equipped with a plastic spacer to ensure that the user is not exposed to any danger.

This sushi knife will be a good starting point for those just getting started in the sushi-making business and looking for a low-cost option. It will also be ideal for a variety of other tasks around the kitchen.

  • Material containing molybdenum that is anti-rust and anti-stain.
  • Japan is the source of this product.
  • Handle made of wood for maximum comfort and balance.
  • Sharpening is simple.

  • Due to the length of the Blade, it should be handled with care.

9. Kai Wasabi Black – Best Sushi Knife with Safety Dishwasher

Brief information:

  • Yanagiba knife in the Japanese style, used for slicing ultra-thin slices for sushi and sashimi
  • For superior edge retention, this knife is made from Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel.
  • Unusual single-sided blade design adorned with the Japanese character for’wasabi’
  • The blades have been bead-blasted for an attractive finish, and the handle is made of a durable, clean polypropylene blend.
  • Dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing; Made in Japan, limited lifetime.

It is impossible to deny that the quality will increase in direct proportion to the quantity. The good news is that you can find some special sushi knives that are reasonably priced and have various powerful features.

Kai Washabi is a high-quality sushi knife that is available at a very reasonable price. It is ideal for sushi and sashimi preparation, yielding outstanding results and a delicious flavor.

Material and Design of the Blade

The Kai Washabi Sushi Knife measures 8 14 inches in length, making it ideal for slicing fish with ease.

The blade is made of Daido 1K6 stainless steel with a high carbon content. which allows for excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. This sushi knife is made possible by the use of this material, which allows you to make extremely thin slices for sushi and sashimi.

A unique single-sided design is used on the Blade, which is bead-blasted to provide an attractive finish, non-sticking properties, and exceptional sharpness.

The cutting edge has a 16-degree angle, which allows for smooth cutting ability as well as excellent comfort for the user. This will make it easier to cut the raw fish while still retaining the original flavor of the fish.

Overview of the Handle

A Western-style handle made of a combination of bamboo powder and polypropylene, as well as an antibacterial agent for hygiene, distinguishes the Kai Washabi Sushi Knife from its competitors.

However, because this Knife does not come with a protective sheath, you should be extra careful when storing it to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

In order to ensure optimal performance, it is recommended that the Kai Washabi Sushi Knife be washed by hand rather than placed in a dishwasher.

Because of the excellent characteristics listed above, the Kai Washabi Sushi Knife is a must-have item for sushi and sashimi enthusiasts who enjoy preparing their own favorite dishes.

  • The most appropriate Knife for slicing extremely thin slices of raw fish.
  • Daiko 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel is used in the construction of the Blade.
  • A single-sided bevel blade with a distinctive design
  • The handle is strong, beautiful, and contains an antibacterial agent.
  • Starting at a reasonable price for newcomers
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Because of the single-sided Blade, this product is not suitable for left-handed users.

10. KYOKU Samurai Series – Best Sushi Knife for beginners

Brief information:

  • KYOKU knife Manufactured with an ultra-sharp, cobalt-added, and cryogenically treated steel cutting core at HRC 56-58 hardness, this 10.5 in.
  • This Knife with the perfect blend of comfort and performance, you can slice through meat with ease while avoiding fatigue and finger pains.
  • The handle is made of wenge wood for an authentic appearance.
  • Seasoned artisans handcraft the razor-sharp edge to a mirror polish at 11-13° double side; each piece is painstakingly manufactured for incredible hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.
  • With a lifetime warranty and no-cost exchange or return for defective items.

While incorporating the precision craftsmanship of Japanese sword-making masters with modern forging techniques, Kyoku Knives aim to improve your experience on the water with a lifetime warranty, so why don’t try?

Material and Design of the Blade

This 10½ beveled sashimi knife is painstakingly crafted from high temperature treated high carbon steel for maximum sharpness and durability, indicating that it was designed specifically for Japanese cuisine.

Prepare to have your raw fish fillets thinly sliced and served over pickled rice with this yanagiba knife in hand, so you can make your own delicious sushi.

As an added bonus, it was cold-treated using the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method, which achieves a balance between hardness and flexibility while also increasing corrosion resistance.

The blades on these knives are thinner, harder, and sharper than those found on Western knives, thanks to the use of traditional sword-making techniques.

The fact that it is manufactured in Japan ensures that it is meticulously created by experienced artisans to produce extremely sharp, mirror-polished edges that provide exceptional hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

Overview of the Handle

Also included is a genuine Wenge handle, which provides authentic style and dense durability while providing a natural, ergonomic feel to the Knife’s overall design.

Aside from that, the ergonomic triple-riveted handle design ensures that performance and comfort are combined for effortless fish cutting while reducing finger fatigue and strain.

  • Possesses an eminently balanced weight
  • A lifetime warranty is included.
  • Provides a razor-sharp edge
  • The space between the Blade and handle may rust.

A Comprehensive Buying Guide – Best Sashimi Knife

Before we begin, let us address a frequently asked question. Is a sushi knife absolutely necessary for making sushi or sashimi at home? Without a doubt, the answer is no. Additionally, you do not require a steak knife to prepare steaks at home, duh!

Of course, this will not affect the food task. However, it does make preparation easier. Furthermore, presentation is half the fun of sushi and sashimi, and a good, sharp Japanese sushi knife makes all the difference.

Materials for the Blade and Handle

One of the most critical characteristics of a good sushi knife is that it is extremely sharp and maintains that sharpness for an extended period of time.

To accomplish this, you’ll need a very hard steel alloy or one with high carbon content. This enables artisans to apply a sharp edge straight from the factory and also aids in edge retention.

Expect to see blue steel number one and white steel number two. as two of the top options in high-end sushi knives. These are not stainless steels, but carbon steels.

Ensure that you wash and dry these items promptly, as they will stain. VG-10 is also a good option and will save you some money, but should still be hand washed.

Although the handle materials are less critical than the steel blade, they should still be considered. Typically, the material used determines the appearance and feel of the handle. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a nice sushi chef knife, it should look great.

Length of the Blade

Yanagibas, or sushi knives, typically range in length from around 7′′ to 13′′ or more. Slicing sashimi properly requires a single, continuous pulling cut through the meat, leaving a nice clean edge throughout.

The longer the Blade of your Knife, the easier it is to do this with all cuts of meat. A shorter knife would preclude this and would require multiple strokes, resulting in an unclean edge.

A long knife blade’s disadvantage is that it requires more steel to manufacture. And because these alloys are expensive, they significantly increase the cost of the Knife as the blade length increases.


With a quick glance at our list above, it should be clear that brands matter when it comes to sushi knives. Our Yoshihiro reviews demonstrate unequivocally that they make excellent sushi knives.

Indeed, we omitted several excellent knives from the list in order to provide our readers with a more diverse selection of knife reviews.

They are unquestionably the best sushi knife brand, with a wide selection of excellent options. When compared to our list of the best steak knives, you’ll notice that while a few brands appear on both, the vast majority do not.

This is because a master knifemaker typically specializes in one or two areas.

The point here is to choose a brand that is capable of producing high-quality sushi knives and stands behind its product.

The best sushi knife makers will handcraft their yanagiba sushi knives from the finest steel alloys.


Is it really necessary for a sushi knife to be made in Japan? No, not if a Japanese Yanagiba artisan is in Germany forging knives and Cousin Frank is in Japan forging his first Knife.

It should be self-evident why the Japanese are regarded as the best sushi knife makers.

That is the origin of sushi. For centuries, Japan has produced long, thin, and sharp knives. Indeed, it is quite popular to purchase knives made in Seki City, Japan, which is also home to many sword makers.

Perhaps it is not fair to assert categorically that all Japanese sushi knives are superior to non-Japanese knives. However, they are generally unmatched in this arena.

Blade Designs/Patterns

Sushi chefs in Japan take pride in their tools of the trade. Additionally, as mentioned previously, much of preparing sushi is about presentation.

In some restaurants, the entire experience is centered on entertainment. As a result, some of the more expensive yanagiba sushi knives feature Damascus (layered steel alloys), Herringbone, or Suminagashi patterns.

Other knives feature intricate etchings of symbols or even dragons, as evidenced by one of the knives on our list. This image illustrates a few of the patterns that may appear on a sushi knife.

Given their origins in Japanese culture, you’ll also find similar patterns on some of the best Santoku knives.


As is always the case, your budget will almost certainly dictate the quality of the sushi chef knife you purchase. The good news is that everyone can afford a yanagiba sushi knife.

That is because low-quality, inexpensive sushi knives start at around $20.

These are worthless in comparison to anything else on this page, and they will not last. On the other hand, the most expensive yanagiba will cost thousands of dollars.

These are primarily specialty knives designed for use as a sushi chef knives or for collectors of fine Japanese knives and swords. If you’re looking for a well-made knife at a reasonable price, the list above includes a few good options.


There are two types of blades available: dual and single bevel. Master chefs should use a single bevel blade. This type of Blade will have one side that is sharpened and the other side that is flat.

As a result, the single bevel blade enables ultra-fine slicing without adhering to the blade surface.

Generally, the single bevel blade is intended for right-handed users. A left-handed person will find it difficult to attempt. If you are left-handed or a beginner, the dual bevel blade is preferable.


Sushi knives come in two distinct designs: full tang and half tang. The full tang blade will emerge from the handle, providing the ideal balance and durability.

On the other hand, while the half tang knife’s construction may be less robust, it will be lightweight and easy to handle.

FAQs about Best Sushi Knife

Do you should buy Sushi knife Sets or Buy a Separate Knife?

While purchasing a sushi knife set is an excellent way to get started in the hobby at a reasonable price per Knife, as demonstrated in our #10 spot above.

However, the majority of the best sushi knives will not come in a set, and those that do will typically be of lower quality than those purchased separately.

As a general rule, we recommend avoiding purchasing a sushi knife set and instead recommend finding a cheap sushi knife on Amazon or saving up until you can afford one of the knives listed above.


On the market, three distinct types of sushi knives are available. They differ in terms of features, design, and price. For your consideration, the following details are included for these types.

Yanagiba: This type features an extremely long and thin blade with one side bevel for effortless slicing.

Deba-bocho: A Deba knife is typically very short but very strong. It can be used to cut through bones in fish and meat.

Usuba-bocho: A Usuba knife has a single-edged flat blade. It is primarily used to cut vegetables for the preparation of sushi.


Sushi knives require proper care and storage to ensure a longer lifespan. The following are some points to consider:

  • If the Knife is not dishwasher safe, wipe it down with a soft cloth.
  • If the Knife comes with a protective sheath, it should be used to safeguard the Blade.
  • Sharpen the sushi knife solely with a whetstone.
  • Avoid cutting frozen food or tough bones with the sushi knife.
  • Avoid using the sushi knife on acidic fruits.


Sushi knives are a must-have for sushi enthusiasts who wish to experiment with sushi and sashimi dishes at home.

We’ve put together a list of the best sushi knives available, which have been thoroughly evaluated in terms of features, prices, and overall performance.

This will be a wise investment if you want to get the most out of your experience with Japanese sushi knives.

Despite the fact that their prices are quite high, the quality is excellent, and the performance is outstanding.

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